Image Works by Mark Antman Is One of the Most Famous Photography Studios in the US

Image Works is an image arts and photography studio in New York. This studio has achieved popularity over time and it is now one of the most famous photography studios in New York. The studio was started by photographer Mark Antman. He and his friend Alan Carey worked together to come up with this great place where photography lovers find a place to share ideas and have fun. When it started out, the studio had a good number of customers. Mark wanted more and his passion drove him to create adverts and marketing strategies that saw him get more clients everyday. Image Works now enjoys fame and a wide client base.

There is a time when Mark became the most relied on person when it came to image arts and photography. This gave him a lot of success in his business.  Mark did not initially want to be a photographer. He had the dreams of becoming a photographer. He however fell in love with image arts and photography before he could venture in to the medicine world. Photography and art excited him and because of this, he decided that he was going to be a person of art and photography. He started by taking photographs and engaging in art and photography competitions and he later came out successful.

Mark met his friend Alan Carey in one of the photography competitions that he engaged in and they became great friends as they shared their excitement and passion for the photography field. This is why they decided to team up together and come up with Image Works Studio. Alan Carey decided to retire and left the reins of the business to his friend Mark. It was up to him to ensure that the business went on smoothly and that there was continued success. Mark did not fail.

Most people who do business with mark in studio usually refer to him as Dr. Mark Antman. This is because they know about his earlier dreams of becoming a doctor. Mark had even taken some courses in college to become a doctor. This is why people still give him the title of a physician. When he discovered art and photography, Mark decided to focus all his attention towards that area. He was fascinated with how images were formed and how photographs were taken. Because he wanted to learn more and engage in the photography field, Mark started his studio which is now a very successful business in New York.

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