Zoom Lenses vs. Prime Lenses

pink pentax 300x250 Zoom Lenses vs. Prime LensesI am not only use a great convenience for many photographers and video production company, and was able to take pictures and videos with the digital camera. Digital SLR camera for an amateur photographer and cinematographer, and not a bad investment.

To really get the best digital SLR camera, it is necessary to know how to use it. Various parts and high-tech and digital SLR camera setup, it can be confusing to learn how to use one touch.

Here amateur as a bridge for learning and digital SLR describes some basic parts.

This process can be intimidating for beginners process from the beginning, so many different parts of the camera is a digital SLR. You should be aware of the following basic parts.

• Body. They serve as the camera outdoors. This feature comfort her as much as how they feel in your hand, does not affect the outcome will affect the photograph. I am comfortable in your hand, you want to be on the camera, you will use the camera body, should be an important factor when making a purchase. For example, people with small hands, it is not able to handle large quantities in the camera body. Another key to determine the position of the body.

• Possible interchangeable lens digital SLR is one of the most important elements is to choose from. To create different effects for different lenses, prevent, important to examine different lens differences. Create different effects there, but here’s another lens to see a list of the most basic abound.

? against prime lens zoom lens. Apart from the name, some single focal length lens, prime lens, zoom out and zoom lens zoom lens can provide a clearer picture suggests no where. Zoom lenses tend to be much more expensive than single vision.

Wide-angle O.
that the standard lens.
Telephoto O.

• The sensor is exposed to light recorded lens. Exposure in general, for a number of flash memory is stored. Sensor quality and size is not fixed, but will have a significant impact on the photo.

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